Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dogs and Cats, living together in sin

We brought a new addition into our home on February 14 (not meant to be cliche, it just worked out that way). We adopted a little gray kitten, still recovering from being spayed so appearing slightly mellow and subdued. The MOD was allowed to name her since he wasn't around to participate in Nia's naming. He named her Nermal, after the cute gray kitten that irked Garfield. While I am adjusting to the name, the cat does not seem to be adjusting to us. We gave her the time to have her "sanctuary" in our guest room and all the sites we looked at said give it at least a week. We tried our best to give her her space, with the MOD occasionally getting frustrated and seeking her out from under the bed. Kittens are meant for cuddling, right? Not staying by themselves under the bed!

In the past twelve days she has appeared gradually more comfortable with the house and is exploring more, but still only under the conditions that there is no sudden movements or attempts by us to engage her. In contrast, she has started seeking out Nia. Nia licks her head like an affectionate and concerned mother, and Nermal chews on Nia's floppy ears and bats at her tail. All very endearing, but annoying none the less. The MOD and I have become childish in our wishes and jealously of Nia. When is she going to play with and cuddle with us? We wait as long as we can, but usually toward the end of the seek her out and attempt forcible petting and love (probably not the best way to win her heart). It appears that Nermal has even taking to napping alongside Nia at night and perhaps during the day while we are out. Perhaps there is something to be said for the secret language among these domesticated mammals. So long as they are not plotting against us while we are away at work/school each day. And so long as Nermal eventually releases she's missing out on some quality TLC from the MOD and the QOE.

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