Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trying to be more elusive. . . .It ain't easy.

I have this evening, deleted my Myspace and Facebook accounts. No more mass internet networking sites for me. I am intent on becoming more proactive with this blog, but I am hoping to do so with some sense of anonymity. I know that the recent scare with Facebook's terms are somewhat trivial. I mean, really, what do they want with my photos of hugging my drunk friends at someone's birthday party or wedding? It's not like I really believe I will see that image plastered on a poster while waiting to catch the El in Chicago.

But, it's more the futility of it . . . and to be quite honest, the drama. I don't need to catch up or virtually "friend" that person in high school I barely spoke to then and will never see in person now. The people I enjoyed networking with are the people that are already a constant in my life. People that are important to me I can just as easily communicate with in a normal email or a phone call, as opposed to soliciting attention via my status messages. As for the drama there are those that I would rather not contact me, and quite frankly, my future husband. We're pretty set on the people we want in our lives. The new friends and folks that continue to enter my life are through personal interactions, not through web searches. I welcome those interactions with open arms.

So, now instead of procrastinating with networking sites by updating my status messages and playing silly games, I will procrastinate with internet time spent reading all the blogs I have recently subscribed to and catching up on the what's happening in the world via my news feeds. Hopefully I will also begin using this blog more as a tool for writing and sharing thoughts- somewhat anonymously.

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