Sunday, February 15, 2009

My latest hobby

Wedding planning. Unfortunately for me, all the big stuff is pretty much done, which means I don't have as good an excuse now when Luke asks me why I am looking at wedding stuff again (or wedding porn, as I affectionately call it). I still am looking for ideas though . . . we've got the photographer, we've got the DJ, the cake, I found my dress and picked our florist. But, there is still the details of decoration, writing the ceremony (the most important part!), Luke's suit, ties for all the fellas- Luke, dads and bro, and all the little things to be done when we get closer. Having a year to plan is more than enough time. With as organized as I am (with the things I actually care about), I could have pulled it all off just as well with only a few months to plan. So, for those of you just getting started, I thought I would share some blogs I subscribe to for ideas and thoughts.

First and foremost, Offbeat Bride. This was one of the first I subscribed to. I love the unique and diverse weddings. We are somewhat traditional in our day-to-day lives, but both big believers in expressing our individuality at times that it is significant for us. Our wedding obviously, will be one of those times. There is also Offbeat Tribe, which has loads of brides (and some grooms) to be sharing ideas.

Then, there is $2,000 Budget Wedding. We are very lucky we have my parents offering to support and help us with the wedding, which will allow us to have it in a venue we love but could not have afforded on our own. This couple did it all on their own, for under $2,000 and I think it looks like one of the most lovely weddings I have seen in a long time. Lots of advice, ideas, etc that are worthwhile.

While the others deserve numerous accolades, I am going to just list a few other of my favorites for now. I am sure I will be mentioning them more in future. Google Reader is my new found procrastination hobby.
Weddingbee- multiple people contribute to this site, lots of good ideas and advice from various perspectives
Earth Friendly Weddings- You get the idea. . .
10,000 Dollar wedding- This blogger makes me giggle, AND gives me good ideas
A Practical Wedding- Practical advice and pretty ideas.

There are a few others that are part of my nasty wedding blog habit, but these are my faves.

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