Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mission completed

Well, it's over with, now I have to wait to hear tomorrow. Mom woke me up to some Starbucks and a little mutual moaning and groaning over the most recent propaganda expelled by the Republican party...then I got ready and headed to meet my recruiter, Richard in the lobby. He was a very nice man, not at all what I expected him to look like from his voice. I finished my written portion of the interview...those written components always make me nervous; I always feel like I am back in college taking an essay exam in those ever so fun little blue books....and headed up to the "tower lounge" for my interview with the team. The three ladies were very organized as to what they would ask and who would ask it. I liked that, the structure for some reason put me at ease (perhaps because I am an obsessive compulsive at heart). The interview I thought went very well. I really liked all three of the women that interviewed me and I felt as comfortable as one (who tends to get nervous easy) probably can feel in the interview. I think I knew it would be fairly comfortable (because,come on, they're English), but you now how your mind creates weird little scenarios....I could have been brought to a small dark room and interrogated with the assumptions I was some Bush supporting, conservative American about why the hell would I want to come to the UK to work. (just kidding....)

Anyway, all in all I think it went fairly well and the one interviewer that walked me out said she looked forward to talking to me again soon...So that's a good sign right? Mom and I checked out straight after and headed down to the nearby tourist site of Navy Pier. We had some surprisingly awesome Mexican food and headed towards home....of course we missed the exit for 65S and ended up taking the "scenic route" through miles of corn fields and a few small country towns. It will be interesting to compare the English countryside to good ol' indianer midwest. Although the ride was a little longer than it needed to be coming home, I tried to appreciate the small little towns, interesting signs, the big Miller High Life emblem on the side of a cylo, and all the other treasures of corn bred folk.

Tomorrow, I will get the yes or no call as to whether they want to offer me the job...so I get to be anxious for just a bit longer.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Headed to Chi-town

Today my mom and I head to Chicago to check into the same hotel where I will be interviewing tomorrow. It's finally here, my chance at England. It feels a bit surreal though that I am actually interviewing tomorrow. Tonight should be a casual evening; my mom and I are having dinner with Chelle and then try to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

4 days, 13 hours, 2 minutes.....5 seconds

Yes, I figured out how long til my interview and I am noting it here on my blog. Yes, I have little else to do with my time...Actually, that's not true. I could be working on my five reports or my progress notes for the last two days while I sit here at my side job. But, given that I drank way to many Newcastles last night-self medicating due to the crappy day I had- I prefer at this point to sit in front of the computer feeling incredibly tired and wishing I was in bed. So, to ignore my hangover and accentuate the positive....I continue to plan for my interview and hopefully upcoming move to good ol' Dudley. I've been googling about the internet trying to find some good insight on what to take with me when I move but there appears to be no definitive checklist for me. So I worked on my wishlist instead...hopefully I can get a camera soon so I can get some pics on here. I feel like I am writing about absolutely nothing so I'm off now. tata

Monday, August 23, 2004

Too tired to be articulate...

I feel the need to write and have a lot of thoughts, but it is 9:30p and I am ready to be done with work for the night! Only one week to go though...I will have an interview and should I get an offer- my fate for the next couple years will be sealed! There is so much waiting! I can't stand it! I'll be able to plan so much more once I know if and when I am actually moving. More thoughtful words to come at a better time....

Monday, August 16, 2004

Dudley...The final frontier?

I spoke with Richard today and I have secured an interview on August 31st in Chicago! If I get the position, which I will know by the end of that week following the interview, I will likely leave for Dudley at the end of November. At this very moment, I am approaching the end of my 13 hour work day so I am feeling too tired to put into words the excitement that I felt this morning. I had so much to do at work but I could barely concentrate on anything but my potential future in England. I've spent the evening at my part-time job (given that there was no kids here tonight)hunting the internet for more info on Dudley and the area....of course I ended up looking at sites about pubs in the area. You know my priorities are straight. Now I need to start preparing for my interview and reading the lovely dry materials regarding social work policy in the UK. woo hoo!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The excitement continues!!

I went to campus today to speak with the professor that assists students with international placements and she was not there!! Of course, I was fifteen minutes late because I blew off a little too much steam last night with a few too many rum and diets, but still! Oh well, I'll just go with what I have and hopefully it will work. Perhaps I'll email her my statement for a critique....I don't think I could handle being on the campus again! It was so strange to be walking around my old school; I feel so removed from those days... On the exciting note, I received a phone call and an email about setting up an interview in Chicago to work in the UK! If I get this job I will be gone in 3 months!!! I am so ready. I do hate to leave before the holidays and with my two new clients here that have so many needs, but as my wise mother and brother say, you gotta do what you gotta do. Bri is a great brother to have on hand because he has done all of this and has a lot of good insight into the logistics and the overall plan.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing an entry about my interview!

Monday, August 09, 2004

And, the plans change again!

There seems to be little consistency in this dream/plan of mine to move to the UK, except for the fact that I know it will happen. One of my closest friends (and trusted advisor) continues to send me opportunities to interview for UK jobs in Chicago. There are interviews set for Aug.30 and 31 and I have now sent my application and requested an interview. This means should I actually be offered the position, I would begin working in Dudley, England on November 22! I suppose it is only two months early from my original plan to go in January...but missing the holidays makes me a little nervous! Maybe I'll find some English friends in three days that would want me to cook them an American Thanksgiving feast. I still have not finished my personal statement and I am meeting with a former professor Thursday for her tips so I need to get it done! I have a real deadline now. But, of course, I am also behind in progress notes and other paperwork because I have been so insanely busy with my old kids (clients) getting into new trouble and my new kids with all of their intensive needs. I'll get caught up one of these days! At least I quit working weekends and can have some time to breathe a little once again.
Okay, BACK TO WORK!!!!

Monday, August 02, 2004

A vacation hangover

I just returned this morning from a ten day vacation with my friend Cammie in Florida. I had a great time and now am back in Indiana and already feeling the pressure of all that I need to get done. I began working with a new client right before I left and have another client I am supposed to contact and start working with tommorrow! On top of that I still have not written my personal statement to send with my registration application to practice in the UK, I have a pile of bills to pay and I have to continue to work 60-70 hours a week among my 2-3 jobs. Really, I am just wasting time whining when I should be doing something about all my obligations. ....
But a bit more about my vacation: Cammie and I had a fun time in New Smryna, spending it mostly at the beach and socializing with my aunt and her friends. We then, via other family visits, worked our way to Steinhatchee for scalloping in the gulf. It was great to have Cammie there in Steinhatchee! I had never taken any of my friends to the small little fishing town and she fit in great (like I knew she would). The trip was somewhat stressful due to our tight living quarters which included my brother, his wife and two kids, my aunt and uncle and two friends, Cammie and another family friend, my parents and my aunt, her boyfriend and son. Although most of the family can get a little moody (including myself), especially when our strong personality traits get placed so close together, we survived it and overall had a wonderful time. Coming back this morning, I felt like I had little to look forward too. Aside from all my whining above, I feel like there is little I am coming home to. My parents are still down south and are headed home, Cammie was with me, and aside from that I do not feel a strong connection to this community any more. Yes, I still have Julia, one of my closest friends and many other very good friends here in Indianapolis, but I do not have anything to really look to for myself. It affirms for me that it is time for me to leave Indy and try somewhere new. There is a lot to me that I feel I may begin to lose if I stay in Indiana. My sense of adventure and love of the outdoors for one. ...I've gotten myself into a rut in the last couple years where I do not get outside to hike, kayak, etc. and I have the same routine going to the same bars and talking to the same drunken assholes every week. I'm ready to try other bars and other drunken assholes. :-) But seriously, I feel like the majority of my friends are settling into their future and I still don't know what that is for me yet. I am so ready to come to the UK and see what adventures may be had there! Plus, now all my family knows I am planning on going so I'm commited.
Well, I feel as though I am rambling and I need to get on with my personal statement. I hope to truly have it completed and ready to send by the end of next week! tata for now!