Thursday, August 12, 2004

The excitement continues!!

I went to campus today to speak with the professor that assists students with international placements and she was not there!! Of course, I was fifteen minutes late because I blew off a little too much steam last night with a few too many rum and diets, but still! Oh well, I'll just go with what I have and hopefully it will work. Perhaps I'll email her my statement for a critique....I don't think I could handle being on the campus again! It was so strange to be walking around my old school; I feel so removed from those days... On the exciting note, I received a phone call and an email about setting up an interview in Chicago to work in the UK! If I get this job I will be gone in 3 months!!! I am so ready. I do hate to leave before the holidays and with my two new clients here that have so many needs, but as my wise mother and brother say, you gotta do what you gotta do. Bri is a great brother to have on hand because he has done all of this and has a lot of good insight into the logistics and the overall plan.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing an entry about my interview!

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