Thursday, August 26, 2004

4 days, 13 hours, 2 minutes.....5 seconds

Yes, I figured out how long til my interview and I am noting it here on my blog. Yes, I have little else to do with my time...Actually, that's not true. I could be working on my five reports or my progress notes for the last two days while I sit here at my side job. But, given that I drank way to many Newcastles last night-self medicating due to the crappy day I had- I prefer at this point to sit in front of the computer feeling incredibly tired and wishing I was in bed. So, to ignore my hangover and accentuate the positive....I continue to plan for my interview and hopefully upcoming move to good ol' Dudley. I've been googling about the internet trying to find some good insight on what to take with me when I move but there appears to be no definitive checklist for me. So I worked on my wishlist instead...hopefully I can get a camera soon so I can get some pics on here. I feel like I am writing about absolutely nothing so I'm off now. tata

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