Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mission completed

Well, it's over with, now I have to wait to hear tomorrow. Mom woke me up to some Starbucks and a little mutual moaning and groaning over the most recent propaganda expelled by the Republican party...then I got ready and headed to meet my recruiter, Richard in the lobby. He was a very nice man, not at all what I expected him to look like from his voice. I finished my written portion of the interview...those written components always make me nervous; I always feel like I am back in college taking an essay exam in those ever so fun little blue books....and headed up to the "tower lounge" for my interview with the team. The three ladies were very organized as to what they would ask and who would ask it. I liked that, the structure for some reason put me at ease (perhaps because I am an obsessive compulsive at heart). The interview I thought went very well. I really liked all three of the women that interviewed me and I felt as comfortable as one (who tends to get nervous easy) probably can feel in the interview. I think I knew it would be fairly comfortable (because,come on, they're English), but you now how your mind creates weird little scenarios....I could have been brought to a small dark room and interrogated with the assumptions I was some Bush supporting, conservative American about why the hell would I want to come to the UK to work. (just kidding....)

Anyway, all in all I think it went fairly well and the one interviewer that walked me out said she looked forward to talking to me again soon...So that's a good sign right? Mom and I checked out straight after and headed down to the nearby tourist site of Navy Pier. We had some surprisingly awesome Mexican food and headed towards home....of course we missed the exit for 65S and ended up taking the "scenic route" through miles of corn fields and a few small country towns. It will be interesting to compare the English countryside to good ol' indianer midwest. Although the ride was a little longer than it needed to be coming home, I tried to appreciate the small little towns, interesting signs, the big Miller High Life emblem on the side of a cylo, and all the other treasures of corn bred folk.

Tomorrow, I will get the yes or no call as to whether they want to offer me the job...so I get to be anxious for just a bit longer.

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