Monday, July 12, 2004

So perhaps London is not the best choice for me....

I am very fortunate to have a good friend who also happens to be from the UK and is always open to chatting about where I should live, what I should expect, and so forth....I talked over London a bit more to him and after he heard about my slight distaste for New York City he said London would likely not be the place for me. It's not that I do not like New York but after a couple days I'm ready to get out! So after discussing some pros and cons on places to live, accommodation costs, and doing some internet searches...I am now looking toward the Midlands. My friend specifically recommended Derby for a few reasons....After looking at numerous websites and comparing it to other areas, I think it may be a great fit for me. The county also partially represents the first National Park in England and appears to be filled with beautiful natural escapes....
Meanwhile, I have emailed my recruiter twice in the last week and have not heard back yet. I should assume that he is swamped but I am too excited by now to be patient! I mean really, I started this blog a whole six months before I even leave! I've been collecting documents and am now preparing to write my personal statement for my qualification (among the 73 hours that I am working this week in order to save money for this move!).
So, no more procrastination, it's time to get busy!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I spoke with a former acquaintance today who I was reminded studied in England for her final MSW practicum...I called her hoping to get some insight on completing the GSCC application; instead she left me with some more questions. Do I want to live in London or is there another location in England that is better suited to my tastes?...that is the question of the hour! I attempted to find something on the internet that may guide me on the best town/city to live. But, although the internet may have everything, it is not always easy to find. I've resolved at this moment that an outer borough will suit just fine.

The oh-so-extensive GSCC application

Finally! Eureka!!! I received the General Social Care Council Application when I returned home from my second job last night at 8:30pm. I suppose I should have expected detail, but I did not expect to have to write a personal statement! The way the guide is written compared to the example is pretty confusing! Now I have to find the time between job 1 and job 2 to get it completed and sent out. Man, am I tired!

Saturday, July 03, 2004


My mother and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. It left me feeling angry, sad and very drained. I try to keep in mind, although Michael Moore criticizes the media for their hesitancy to portray the truth, he too is another form of media portraying his truth and ideas through the film medium. However, I agree with his viewpoints and some of the footage in his film just increases my animosity toward George Bush. I suppose in some ways I am not moving toward much better in that I am moving to a country with a prime minister that many parallel to George Bush. But I will be moving to a country in which the media appears to some extent to be more aware of the truth....there is at least a greater world view. One part of the film that really got my blood boiling was when a woman who had lost her son in Iraq was disrespected by what appeared to me an upper-class white woman who probably has had little to do with anyone with significant differences from herself. For this woman to make statements that disregard the extreme significance of this young man's death, is what I view as the over all ignorance of America. She told this mother to blame it on AL-Qaida, expanding upon her ignorance regarding what the war in Iraq is really about. I understand that 9/11 was a horrible tragedy and it often brings tears to my eyes when it was discussed. But, do Americans realize this has been happening to countries and cultures for years? Do you realize that entire cities have been destroyed in Iraq to meet the government's financial gain, at the cost of young men and women's lives lost for no good purpose....I could rant forever so I'll stop there for now. I think I am going to like this blog. It's a great opportunity to vent! :-) Tata for now! Lis