Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"There's a bad moon on the rise.."

Why is it that full moon always seem to bring out the wackiness in people??? Let me tell you, you may not notice it in your day-to-day, but when you are a social worker it definitely becomes apparent. When you are a social worker who works with a lot of erratic male adolescents, it become even more glaringly (or should I say, glowingly) apparent. I will not go on about the paperwork involved, how I haven't been able to get it done due to crisis after crisis or any other of the goings on of my crazy day today, I will just leave it at this: Damn, I need a drink and cigarette! What I am I going to do when I quit!?!?!? (smoking, that is).

Monday, September 27, 2004

Last stops along the Midwestern way

I had to go to Bloomington today to coordinate a multi-media presentation I am working on with one of my fellas (fellas = clients). It seems like they have done so much to that town since I left oh so long ago (December of 1999)...But,yes, even quaint, historic college towns can be corrupted and likely overrun with strip malls, too. It was a great day to be driving around though! The hints of fall are coming into the air and the sun was shining. I don't what it is, but I can feel it in my bones. As soon as the first hints of Fall hit, I am made aware of it with all of my senses...the smell in the air, that crisp, slightly cool feeling on skin..okay, that's only two out of five...and reading this text my writing once again sounds cliche. But, being in Bloomington adds to those feelings of fall somehow. I think it's the nostalgia of my first couple years on that beautiful campus. Fortunately, my fella was patient with me (and I bought him ice cream) to take him around campus and down a little (appropriate content only) trip down memory lane. Hopefully, I'll make it down there at least once more before I move to England...and hopefully get a little hiking in that time.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

No Bullshittin'! I mean it this time.

Yes, no more "I have to do a little bit of this, little bit of that.."! I am actually done and it is in the mail!!! I have my documents verified, incredibly complimentary reccomendations, personal statement complete and it's all in the mail for a measily $17.95. GSCC here I come!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Do you want me to strip for you???

Well, ol' W. just keeps trying, doesn't he? My mother and I discovered this morning as we attempted to fly home from Florida (And no, we were not directly effected by the hurricanes- although many of my family on the gulf side were.) that they now not only want you to remove your shoes when going through security, they now want you to strip down and do a little dance. Ooh, you like that do you???. . . Not at all!!! I felt completely uncomfortable and very pissed off. The lady gave me shit because I didn't have my legs spread wide enough for her as she stuck her "metal detector" between them...Truth of the matter is I happen to have thick thighs and she did not need to be getting that close to my crotch, thank you very much! Then she proceeded to pad me down all around my torso including the lining of my bra! I mean come on, just ask me to take off my shirt. This was a total invasion of privacy and completely absurd, especially given I was dressed minimally for the early morning flight with just a t-shirt, shorts and none of the usual jewelry or flair. I really don't think all this Big Brother shit is necessary...I mean do you think those evil terrorists are always going to be seeking a plane to do their dirty work? Is that old man in a wheel chair really all that much of a threat? Or that stressed out mom and her toddler? Let's be sensible, now! As, my mother said, they'll probably lay off after the election.
Well, hopefully I won't have to fly to Florida for the holidays this winter! That way I won't have to worry about it until I fly over seas to live for two years...They'll love me then!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Damn those hurricanes!

Headed to Florida at the end of the week....It looks like Ivan is going for the gulf/panhandle area of Florida right now, but whose to say? That could all change quickly! Being a "midwesterner" originally from Florida, I don't think these land-locked folks get it when they joke about all of Florida being wiped out! That's basically my entire family you're talking about! It looks like most of my folks won't be to heavily effected, though some on the gulf side might just miss it. I guess we'll find out when we fly in Thursday for a weekend of baby shower madness!

And I thought I was done with the hard part!

Well, looks like I have a little more work to do on my GSCC before I can actually claim it is done! Three more little essays/personal statements to be exact! But, hopefully, with some guidance, I will have it in the mail to TTM by next Friday. Once it is actually in the mail it will all be downhill from there!

Monday, September 06, 2004

A weekend celebrating the fruits of our labors

Ah, Labor day. All I can say is I'm glad this weekend is just about over! While fun, having my brother, sister-in-law and kids in town for the Labor Day weekend, plus, getting wasted two nights in a row with various work colleagues and good friends....was a little much. I am getting too old to drink cocktail after cocktail and survive the next day happily. But over all, it was a memorable weekend (to say the least).

Lack of detail exacerbates anxiety....

Okay, so I know where I am going and have a general time (between end of November and beginning of January) but I don't know exactly when and exactly how much I will be making. I think the unknown details creates an absurd paranoia; so much so that I had nightmares last night I didn't really get the job and had to jump through all these hoops to get there (not literally, of course). Which actually is somewhat true; I do have to get my GSCC all together and get approved/registered before I can get my work permit and come over... I think I am also a little over anxious because I feel like there is so much to be done but I can plan in out in a timely manner when I don't know exactly when I'll be flying over. When to tell my boss? When to quit? How to make sure I see my family, especially my soon to be born nephew and ensure I get some quality time with them? All of these are little things that will easily be coordinated but I hate not having a plan!! Plus, I am already getting sick of telling everyone, "Yes, I am definitely going but I am not sure exactly when-sometime between November and January....No, I don't know exactly how much I will be making...No, I don't know how many other North Americans will be going over with me or anything about who they are...No, I don't know exactly where I am going to live..." In due time, I suppose, in due time.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's official!

I got the call around 11:50 today as I walked to my car to deliver some paperwork and get my teeth scraped by the dental hygienist. Richard told me that the team "loved me and my answers" and wanted to offer the position. All I could say was EXCELLENT! I was pretty confident that I would be able to get a position but you never want to be too cocky! So I will be moving to Dudley, England sometime between November and January for TWO years. I have to admit the two years intimidates me a little bit, but I think it will go by fast once I get acclimated. Shit, this time last year I had become a part of a team I thought I would be with for a long time, but we were dissolved three months later and I joined a new team and here I am! It seems like all that was so long ago because of the new friends I've made, things I've learned and just how crazy the situation was. I think this is my new chance to learn a lot and I have this feeling (as silly and cliche as it sounds) that I will find something spectacular for myself in England.

This week will be just enjoying the acknowledgement that I have secured a position...next week I will know a lot more about when I am going and gradually more and more specifics will come. I have to give props to my gal Michelle for forwarding me the interview in the first place...without her I'd still be waiting! What would I do without that woman!? Or perhaps I should say, what would I do without a close friend who is also a graduate of U of C?