Monday, September 20, 2004

Do you want me to strip for you???

Well, ol' W. just keeps trying, doesn't he? My mother and I discovered this morning as we attempted to fly home from Florida (And no, we were not directly effected by the hurricanes- although many of my family on the gulf side were.) that they now not only want you to remove your shoes when going through security, they now want you to strip down and do a little dance. Ooh, you like that do you???. . . Not at all!!! I felt completely uncomfortable and very pissed off. The lady gave me shit because I didn't have my legs spread wide enough for her as she stuck her "metal detector" between them...Truth of the matter is I happen to have thick thighs and she did not need to be getting that close to my crotch, thank you very much! Then she proceeded to pad me down all around my torso including the lining of my bra! I mean come on, just ask me to take off my shirt. This was a total invasion of privacy and completely absurd, especially given I was dressed minimally for the early morning flight with just a t-shirt, shorts and none of the usual jewelry or flair. I really don't think all this Big Brother shit is necessary...I mean do you think those evil terrorists are always going to be seeking a plane to do their dirty work? Is that old man in a wheel chair really all that much of a threat? Or that stressed out mom and her toddler? Let's be sensible, now! As, my mother said, they'll probably lay off after the election.
Well, hopefully I won't have to fly to Florida for the holidays this winter! That way I won't have to worry about it until I fly over seas to live for two years...They'll love me then!

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The Humanity Critic said...

Great post. Did you hear about those 15 FBI agents who were able to sneak guns on a plane? We definitely aren't safer.. Take care..