Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's official!

I got the call around 11:50 today as I walked to my car to deliver some paperwork and get my teeth scraped by the dental hygienist. Richard told me that the team "loved me and my answers" and wanted to offer the position. All I could say was EXCELLENT! I was pretty confident that I would be able to get a position but you never want to be too cocky! So I will be moving to Dudley, England sometime between November and January for TWO years. I have to admit the two years intimidates me a little bit, but I think it will go by fast once I get acclimated. Shit, this time last year I had become a part of a team I thought I would be with for a long time, but we were dissolved three months later and I joined a new team and here I am! It seems like all that was so long ago because of the new friends I've made, things I've learned and just how crazy the situation was. I think this is my new chance to learn a lot and I have this feeling (as silly and cliche as it sounds) that I will find something spectacular for myself in England.

This week will be just enjoying the acknowledgement that I have secured a week I will know a lot more about when I am going and gradually more and more specifics will come. I have to give props to my gal Michelle for forwarding me the interview in the first place...without her I'd still be waiting! What would I do without that woman!? Or perhaps I should say, what would I do without a close friend who is also a graduate of U of C?

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