Monday, August 16, 2004

Dudley...The final frontier?

I spoke with Richard today and I have secured an interview on August 31st in Chicago! If I get the position, which I will know by the end of that week following the interview, I will likely leave for Dudley at the end of November. At this very moment, I am approaching the end of my 13 hour work day so I am feeling too tired to put into words the excitement that I felt this morning. I had so much to do at work but I could barely concentrate on anything but my potential future in England. I've spent the evening at my part-time job (given that there was no kids here tonight)hunting the internet for more info on Dudley and the area....of course I ended up looking at sites about pubs in the area. You know my priorities are straight. Now I need to start preparing for my interview and reading the lovely dry materials regarding social work policy in the UK. woo hoo!

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lisa said...

why the hell did you come here this place is crap there are no jobs no money the beer is all right though, may i suggest the swan in netherton which is,nt far away, it as proper beer there or even the dry dock in darby end(netherton also).if it was,nt for the lack of resources i,d be gone from this place like a shot and i,ve lived around this area most of my life.but while your here make the most of it there are some really nice places to visit and the history of this area is tremendous.enjoy....lisa