Friday, February 20, 2009

Brown is so hot and yellow so. . . not sure?

The two typical first questions I get when people here I am getting married (in about 6 months- YOWSER!) are "What are your colors?" and "How big is your bridal party?" Well, we're not having a bridal party. When the idea of marriage started swimming in my head, I had planned to have my two closest gal pals up there with me, but we decided against the whole "party" thing to keep it simple. I hear too many stories about people getting upset about who is involved and how, what's the use of all that suffering? Isn't a wedding about the bride and groom, not about the people standing up there next to them? Sure it's a position (being a bridal party member) held by those we love most and who have supported us, but won't those people do those things for us whether or not they have to buy an outfit they will never wear again? I think mine will. At least I hope so.

I have also gathered that your "colors" are specified because it clarifies what everyone needs to wear. I almost feel like colors should be capitalized when talking about it in this context. Like, to some, they are the focus of how your wedding should look and whether or not the decor will be aesthetically pleasing. I've always been a blue girl. As I've grown older, I have become more and more fond of shades of green and purple. But, when I look at wedding blogs and sites, I love just about everything. All colors to me have a sense of vibrance and beauty, in their own special way. Perhaps that's just the "let's love everyone and everything social worker in me." I even like the red stuff, which is not one of my preferred palates. Lately I am thinking. . . late summer, some yellow perhaps? Although I still love the idea of throwing some pots of lavender on the tables and letting the guests take them home to their kitchens. My mother says lavender smells nice but isn't pretty enough. Hmph . . . .

We also have the issue of trying to coordinate with attire. Or do we? I really want to wear blue shoes to have the ol' "something blue" and just for some funky fun with my somewhat traditional dress. Does that mean I have to have blue elsewhere? I think the MOD (the dude I am marrying- to be referred to as the MOD) could look very handsome in a sharp brown suit, but neither mother agrees. He's open to the idea of exploring color options. Perhaps what I am telling myself is that even though my parents are aiding and abetting the cost of this wedding, what the colors, our garb and decorations and such boil down to is it is our wedding, our taste, wherever the taste chips may fall. Right?

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