Sunday, February 22, 2009

Status updates

In the past few days of initially being without Facebook, my mind is still working in the realm of "status messages." That was one of the sad truths of FB that helped my decision to break away from the networking frenzy. My days began to revolve around statuses. Ooh, this will be my new status message when I get home from work today! How sad. But, as closure, I thought I would share a few status messages that came to mind this weekend. Gradually, I hope to resolve my need for status messages and superficial engagement of others. But, until then:

The QOE . . .
misses Fish Wrangler.
is excited Nermal is now sleeping on the bed, not just under it.
is foolish to think KFC would be a good dinner plan.
has a fried chicken hangover.
actually likes spinning.
is getting anxious about the (LCSW) exam, yet not studying enough.
is reciting the Social Work Code of Ethics.
is excited to see my Gay Boyfriend, with his partner and other lovely friends.
forgot how much hangovers suck.
is stoked to have my very own (free) personal makeup artist available on my wedding day.
is getting distracted by all the things I want to do after the exam (making lists, surprise, surprise), rather than actually focusing on the exam.
is thankful to the MOD for pushing me to get out of the house for a wog.

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