Sunday, March 01, 2009

A little note about acronyms

I have been making some attempts to make this slightly more anonymous. I am not too worried about it, because it is mostly viewed by people that already know me. Plus, as the MOD pointed out this morning, currently it is pretty easily located via a couple clicks of a Google search. But in order to move toward anonymity, I will be using acronyms to refer to myself and the male of the house (because he is the only male in the house).

So, just for a little clarification, my partner, my fella, the dude I'm marrying, or other terms I may use will be frequently referred to as the MOD. This acronym stands for Master of the Domain, but don't let it fool you into thinking I allow him to dominate the household or we have fallen into heavy gendered roles (although we kind of do, just naturally, and I am ok with that). We are very egalitarian household, which is why I am known as the QOE- Queen of Everything. To know us, is to know the satire behind these nicknames.

You may also see references to NIA, which would be Nia our dog. This is her actually name and we are working on refining a proper acronym to meet these letters. Any suggestions? Right now we have Nearly Intelligent Animal, but I think she deserves something a little more strengths based. Also, Nermal, our cat is sometimes referred to as the POW, Pile of Worthlessness. Not because we are not fond of her, but because she continues to do her own thing since we brought her home three weeks ago and we selfishly would like more attention and cuddliness from her.

There you have it. . . in case you were wondering.

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