Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Bliss

Now that my test taking days are over for some time, I love having Sundays back to do as I wish. Mainly: waking up leisurely at 8ish instead of 5 or 6; laying in bed drinking coffee and watching Sunday Morning with the MOD and the children, I mean, pets; going to yoga and stretching out my sore legs and back from the afternoon of Saturday gardening and Friday's most successful run yet; getting the house cleaned up and actually folding the laundry instead of leaving it in baskets; getting and feeling prepared for Spring Break camp with the kiddos this week; and fawning over our new plants, hoping the frost tonight does not kill them.

That's a good Sunday. Oh yeah, and I did my taxes. Just glad to get that over with (with the help of a secret smart friend).

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