Monday, March 30, 2009

Masters Degrees. What are they good for?

I finished camp with the kiddos slightly earlier than planned today so had ample time to get out this afternoon and apply for some part time jobs. You would think a person with a masters degree, a clinical license and a stable job would not need a second job. But I am a social worker. And my mortgage went up about $300 a month, recently. And I am still paying off credit debt and loans from my schooling and England days. Definitely could use a second job.

I only made one personal, possibly viable connection with a restaurant manager. The rest seemed utterly pointless. I don't think I'm going to have much luck. My increasing apathy about it isn't helping. I didn't even get a call back at the doggie day care place. Masters Degree- maybe it's my downfall in the retail/restaurant/dog spa world. I am by no means tooting my horn or trying to be pretentious, but I am getting the "overqualified" vibe.

Maybe the MOD is right. Maybe I should apply to places and minimize the educational/professional background. Me and dishonesty just don't fit together, even if it's reasonably harmless and for the good of our household income.

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