Thursday, March 05, 2009

I need to use my coping skills and punch a pillow (like I would tell my kids to)

You are F***ing idiot, that's what you are. Sorry, I just can't believe people like this actually become social workers. They are speaking against our values, our Code of Ethics. The MOD is Atheist and I am pretty damn close. Does that mean we cannot marry because the "word" marriage is "originally defined in religious belief systems?" Is that even true? Grrrrr! You are a f***ing homophobe, bitch. Sorry. . . It just makes me so angry I want to scream. Do these idiots not see they are just as bad as those who protested racial civil rights mid twentieth century? And don't even get me started on the idiotic comparison to beastiality.

Taken from Help Starts Here Social Worker Blog:

"I’m a Christian, a Republican and a Social Worker. I also have a number of friends who happen to be in lesbian or gay relationships. I love them all. We’ve had discussions about same-sex marriage and the rights deserved by all people. If civil unions can lead to next-of-kin status for life partners–great! However, “marriage” is a term originally defined in religious belief systems and, while this language is included in modern day law, should not apply to any other than 1 man-1 woman relationships.

Additionally, changing the definition of “marriage” to go beyond 1 man-1 woman, will open doors to legalize polygamy and beastiality–both proven to emotionally, spiritually and sexually harm vulnerable persons (and animals).

In short, opposition to same-sex marriage does not make me a homophobe, but an advocate for a variety of lifestyles and vulnerable persons."


Anonymous said...

Well, it's obvious, that person's ignorance is only overshadowed by their arrogance.
Actually marriage is rooted in property rights, and goes back MUCH farther than Christianity, even Hinduism. And what, are/were many Hindu marriages in India based on? PROPERTY! Dowry, dowry, dowry. It was all about bringing together property rights.
Side note: Roman and Greek soldiers used to have sex (males) with eachother in order to prepare for battle, and didn't even consider themselves gay. It was a war tactic (do you want your lover to see you getting your butt whipped on the field?)
All of this predates Christianity so I would advise you to do a little research, and the author of this other post as well, so that you can understand she is speaking from an ignorant viewpoint, and next time you will be able to correct her when you whip out some historical facts (big brain=better than beating up a pillow!) Good luck.
The MARRIED lady :)

The QOE said...

The pillow remark is mostly satire. . . that is what I tell my kids to do when they are mad at their teacher or parent. Again, it's all semantics, regardless of the history behind it. I just want to legally establish my commitment with my partner and think that is a right everyone should have.

Anonymous said...

but... quibbling over semantics is history. it's what we denote the word to mean, in it's relation to other words and symbols. that's got everything to do with the history behind it. socially, historically etc. I'm just stirring your pot, you see?
I understood your pillow satire. I just always find it more rewarding to have a witty retort!