Friday, April 24, 2009


I can empathise with the apathy surrounding a traditional bridal shower. Given we have no bridal party, we also have no expectations about showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties. I have had a few friends ask and I am not quite sure how to respond to any of them. I definitely don't want anything traditional in the way of girls sitting around while I open a bunch of gifts. Boring. I also don't want themed parties that involve home sales such as cooking gear, candles or tupperware. Annoying and boring. I wouldn't mind just having a party to celebrate, but isn't that what are reception will be? Just not sure we need to be in on the whole shower thing. Maybe I'll host a green bottle party this summer. . . I need green bottles for my recycled vase project.

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Anonymous said...

What we did for my shower was everyone was sent a photo album page with the instruction to include a favorite recipe and a piece of marital advice. It is probably the favorite thing I received. I love the recipes (I got some good ones) and seeing all the things written by my friends and relatives is really nice.