Thursday, April 09, 2009

I think I can, I think I can

I have been trying to become a runner for about 6-7 months now. At first, I was doing what I like to call wogging. I would take Nia (our dog) with me and would speed walk, with a bit of jogging thrown in. Once the MOD heard I was trying to jog, he joined me and has been trying to turn me into a runner ever since. In the bitter 27below winter period, we moved inside to the treadmills at the gym. I did well and was running half hour stints, approximately 3 miles.

Then we went back outside. I hit a wall. My legs killed and I could barely run ten minutes. I am hearing from my long time running fans that this can happen when you run on a treadmill for too long. Happy to have that consolation. But, I was worried I couldn't make it over the hump again. Then I found the Couch to 5K Plan. I giggle every time I say what it is called, probably out of slight insecurity and embarrassment. It's help me rebuild my base and I am feeling stronger than I have before. This week I ran 23minutes, 40 seconds Tuesday and 21minutes today. It's not 30, but it's a few more minutes than I was able to run last week and before that I was running in intervals with periods of walking.

I was a little wimpy today- I think the bug floating around the school among all my kiddos is trying to get me. But, I still did 21 minutes, that's better than none. I just have to get past these insecurities that continue to weigh me down and I'll be at my goal. The little ghosts of middle school past haunt me at times when I am trying to be athletic. Fortunately, the MOD is supportive and patient. Lately, when I try to "get in the zone" and basically shut out the discomfort, I've been trying to think on this classic image:
This is a pretty good image to keep in mind for most things in life, really.

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