Sunday, April 05, 2009

Home AND Community makeovers

Extreme Home Makeover came to our town this past week. They came very close to home. A family in the Martindale-Brightwood community on the near North East side. Not too far from the school I currently work at one day a week and plan to be at full time next year. I am so pleased because not only did they give the family a new house, but they also provided beautification to the neighborhood by paving alleys (believe me, they are bad) and planting trees, as well as providing wireless internet to many in the circumference area of the chosen family's home.

I also read that they are planning to use School 37's building, a school that has closed and a school that we used to provide services at, as a facility to develop a community center. This is my dream. Working in these neighborhoods, I see the history and can envision how these areas used to be thriving communities. But, over the years, the homes have become dilapidated, often abandoned, and there has been an increasing level of crime and violence among the streets and homes. Shops and services have begun to abandon these areas because there is a decreasing economic stability for most businesses. The kids in these neighborhoods need a safe place they can go to have fun and feel supported. The parents need services to assist them with basic needs, educational and job linkage. I hope that this community center comes through and provides these needs to families.

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