Saturday, April 04, 2009

A hunt for Easter ideas

The MOD, Nia and Nermal (the pets) are all getting Easter baskets next Sunday. We may not believe in the christian beliefs that initiate a holiday such as Easter, but I definitely believe in painting eggs, eating chocolate and having a bit of a reason to make a big Sunday dinner. My family wasn't the church going kind. I didn't even know what easter was supposed to be about, I think until my teens. But, I always looked forward to the big dinners, hiding and hunting for eggs, and my mom's awesome easter baskets she made each year. I am so spoiled. I was still getting baskets in my early 20s.

The pets are easy. Treats, little toys, maybe a new scratch pad for Nermal. The MOD on the other hand was difficult at first to come up with some creative ideas. I did some google searching and this is the kind of crap I found:

Really, the extreme stereotyped and gendered gift ideas out there for men irritate me maybe even more than some of the women's. The MOD, albeit this is a biased account, is too dynamic for such generalized interest gifts and "manly" stuff. After spending too much time searching, I've managed to come up with some of my own ideas based on the facts that he is an academic, a thinker, a runner, a gamer, a lover of laughter, a man with a beard, and an aspiring landscaping and home improvement guru. I'm thinking he'll be pleased.

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