Thursday, April 02, 2009

The MOD has a new game

Yes, he still only has a Nintendo 64. Yes, he is dying for a play station. I've even added it to our registry, but more so as a joke. We don't expect anyone to get it for us/him. I don't expect any gifts, really. Just a good time. . .

But anyways, he has a new Zelda game. Majora's mask, or something. I love it because it gives me time to catch up on my G-Reader. I am getting a little blog crazy. Not just wedding blogs, mind you, but an ever increasing number of news, opinion blogs, as well as lots of great blogs with crafty and great home and food ideas. I just wish I had the time to experiment more with all the creative ideas I am finding!

And this is wedding related, but I found a great program/CD idea from It's Heavenly via Elizabeth Anne Designs. I hate hearts used as decor, especially related to weddings (way to predictable, girly and cutesy for me). But otherwise I love the layout and the holder contraption for this. I think the MOD vetoed CDs (favors in general, really), but I may try to talk him into it.

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