Saturday, March 12, 2005

A tour of the flat!

Hello! Welcome to my flat!

This is the street I live on. My flat is to the left.

My front door at Flat 6.

Come on in!

Here is the entrance with the "lounge" on the right. The "office" area and remaining rooms are to the left.

The lounge

A larger view of the lounge

The office area and entrance to kitchen and bedroom

The "office"

The kitchen (notice the clothes washer next to the sink)

The bedroom; unfortunately my least favorite area of the flat but it's been much better since Mom sent comfy bedding from home.

My shower. I wanted to show just how small it is but the perspecive of this photo does not give it justice. The whole bathroom is reasonably small so it was hard to capture. I have a pull cord I yank each morning so I can have hot water in my shower. All of my taps are cold water unless I decide to run the boiler. It uses so much electricity though I usually just boil a little in the kettle when I need it for dishes, etc.

So there you have it. Now that I feel like I gave a first grade show-and-tell presentation, you have seen where I live! I am now off to Stourbridge for lunch and shopping. As they say in the Black Country, Tara!
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Emily said...

Damn, Girl. I keep forgetting to look at your blog and you have been posting up a storm. Stourbridge and your flat (and your!)are so cute! But the other town with all the live music is where I'd want to be, too. It is my personal mission to visit you at some point, and I would love to climb some mountains or do some "rambling" in the UK. Good idea for meeting people. Your gym sounds like a dream! It is very dreary, rainy weather here today...makes me think of England, but I hope it's sunnier there for you. Ryan, Jen Gray, Travis (Ryan's new roomie) and I went to hear Heiruspecs at United States of Mind last night. You should check out their album A Tiger Dancing. It's tight. Take care of yourself. Love and miss you, Em