Monday, March 21, 2005

My Trip to Liverpool

I went to Liverpool with a ticket to see Ani Difranco. The ticket was really just a catalyst to get me out of the Black Country and start exploring. I heard mixed reviews on Liverpool before I went, but I found it to be a lovely city. Plus, I got familiarized with the train systems and built my comfort level for future weekend breaks. Here are quite a few pictures from my weekend.

The Pier Head and Three Graces. These buildings are steeped in the history of Liverpool's commerce and maritime involvement.

Walk along the Mersey River. A very picturesque walk along old stone walkways. This walk will lead you to the ferry rides along the river, Tate Liverpool, Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool, and The Albert Dock with shops, restaurants and the Beatles Story.

The Albert Dock. This is a old trading dock dating back to 1846 has now been remodeled to house restaurants and shops. A nice place to eat outside and have a drink, should there be good weather.

Historical Loading Docks. These same docks were used in the slave trade in the late 1700's. It was a bit strange to read the history of what occurred along those docks as I walked along the same stones.

Entrance to Chinatown.

Anglican Cathedral. This cathedral was amazing from the outside, but I did not see the inside. This is also where John Lennon's memorial service was held.

Another view of the cathedral.

Housing off Hope Street on my walk to Liverpool University. This picture does not do it justice. This was a very nice area that definitely had the feel similar to other neighborhoods surrounding universities. There was interesting restaurants and street art that signified a creative area.

Some art along Hope Street. These suitcases were sculpted and appear to be signed by various famous people from Liverpool, including Paul McCartney. Likely, they were not signed by the actual person but I thought it was interesting, so randomly placed.

My Magical Mystery Tour. This is the bus we went on to tour the homes and "lives" of Paul, John, George and Ringo.

The Empress Pub. This is the pub Ringo's mother worked in. They lived just around the corner from the pub for a whole 15 shillings a week (around 25p).

This was George's home from birth to 6 years old. Clearly, there is a new family in the home-no relation.

A church near the end of Penny Lane in which Paul was a choir boy.

Paul's childhood home into early adulthood. It is now recreated on the inside to resemble the home as it was in the 50's. I believe Eddie, that's the tour guide to the left, said Paul and John wrote over 100 songs in this home.

The bus stop where Paul awaited the bus to go to school...and where he met George (they met while on the bus going to school).

John's home. The blue plaque is in respect to John. They are placed on the homes of anyone famous who has been dead for 20 years. It seemed a bit of a strange honor that you have to be dead 20 years first....

Entrance to Strawberry Fields. This is actually a children's home. John's aunt lived near here and he would go as a child to hear bands being played at the home. He and Yoko had the home rebuilt in the early 70's so that children went from sharing rooms among multiple children to having their own room. It is now on the verge of closing in May of this year.

The Cavern Pub. This is the pub across from the Cavern where The Beatles played. It is hard to see in the picture but each brick surrounding the door has a name of various artists that have played here.

My final stop. The actual Cavern where the Beatles, among many other remarkable artists played. It was a friendly pub, although not too crowded because there was a football match on in Liverpool. There was a live band playing and they were taping for something so I sat in on that, had a few pints, and made it back to the train to head home. It was a great trip! Next time though I think I would take at least three days so I am not travelling the majority of the time and have at least one full day to enjoy the surroundings.
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