Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Long Easter Weekend

While I have never thought of Easter as an important holiday in my family, I have had a very long weekend to feel truly homesick for the first time. Here, I got "Good Friday," "Easter Monday," and Tuesday (no official title) off. Fortunately, next year that Tuesday and other Tuesdays to follow will be added to my holiday leave to give me 28 days off for the year (and yes, this does not include sick leave!). I did make it out to my new local pub, Robin Hood, where the folks have been very friendly and very supportive to a drunken American girl feeling homesick. Otherwise, I spent the weekend at home relaxing- reading, catching up on Sex & the City, along with great British entertainment such as Peter Kay, The Office, and Bridget Jones (not sure how British she would be, really). I had a nice, somewhat British Easter dinner on Sunday- the first time I have really cooked an extensive meal in my flat...Because, as some of you know, I prefer to cook extensive meals for others, while mumbling curses under my breath. Tomorrow, I head back to work and I am feeling ready to do so. Too much time reflecting can be bad for a single woman's health living alone in a foreign place. In retrospect, I would have saved the money I spent in Liverpool to travel this weekend. But, I didn't and was therefore stuck here awaiting payday on the 31st. I did spend some time planning ahead and making lists, though (as I love to do), and plan to start taking weekend trips on a more regular basis...Starting with a trip to London with Mom and Dad at the end of April!

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