Monday, March 07, 2005

Not your ordinary gym

I joined a gym a month after I arrived in hopes to get myself in shape and maybe even meet a few new people. The gym I joined, Next Generation, is a full leisure centre complete with gym, classes, two pools, sauna, sports shop, pool table, cinema, spa facilities and hotel and function rooms! Unfortunately, despite all it's splendor tonight was the first night I have been to workout in about two weeks. Hopefully, I will begin to get there more as I am starving for more social interaction (just to be in the presence of other people). I made it out Friday night with some friends from work and had too much fun. But aside from that I continue to stay inside my little flat and have felt especially isolated the last week or so. It goes back to the ease I miss; the ease of knowing where to go for things, knowing of one bar were you could stop in and have a beer and the bartendar knows you or there is someone to chat to. In order to start getting out more, in addition to the gym, I have decided it is time to get creative. So, I have looked into some volunteering opportunities that will give me more direct contact with people in need than the job seems to (always the paperwork! you social workers know how it is...) and I am looking into joining a rambling group and a mountain climbing group. Of course, I have never in my life climbed a mountain but I have done a bit of rock climbing and it's something I have always been curious to learn, so what the hell! Plus, ventures to attempt and get a car are in the works so I will be driving on the left side of the road very soon!

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leslie said...

the world is your oyster, lis! it sounds like you're really planning to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you! you're amazing!!! i miss you!!

love, leslie