Thursday, January 20, 2005

Our meeting with the Mayor

Today we were invited to meet the Mayor. Sounds as though it's quite privledged from the way most of my co-workers have reacted. I've been told our picture will be in the paper. I would never expect to meet Mayor Peterson of Indy; although Cammie and Abby had their picture taken with him under the tent at the Golden Ace on St. Patrick's Day....The Mayor of Dudley does not quite hold the political standings of mayors in towns and cities in the US. His status is more of a custom and the local authority is actually run by the council. We arrived at the council house and were invited to the Mayor's Parlor. In addition to the mayor, we were joined by a few council members and the Diretor of Social Services for the Council. I felt, as I believe my two other American Colleagues did, that I was on stage to perform. After being in the country for just a little over a week and feeling overwhelmed with attempting to find our way around and get settled in a home, it was hard to be so on the spot with these folks that made it seem it was such a monumentous occasion to have three Americans working in their midst. The mayor was very nice, though. A sweet older man on the verge of retirement, being paid respect by fellow council members with his honorary position. Following our visit, we were invited to stick around to observe a field trip with a local school. We were able to sit in the council chamber and find out the history of the Mayor's robes, chains and ceremonial staffs. Of course, our pictures were taken and supposively they'll be in the paper. If so, the clip will definitely be posted and if nothing else I will get a copy of the pic on as soon as I receive it.

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