Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The day has arrived

Well, after a crazy last two months and completely neglecting my blog, here I am on the day I leave for England. These past two moths have passed me by with my last days at Dawn Project, trip preparations, holidays and as many social engagements as I could fit in. I am only just now beginning to be a little nervous about this trip, but I am confident in my ability to adapt and take on whatever new experiences come my way. I am embarking on a entirely new experience: new job, new home, new country, new people...and I am ready to absorb it all. The one thing that scares me is moving away from all the comforts of home. I do not mean my favorite burrito place or favorite T.V. show, but the comfort of knowing I have some truly amazing, dynamic, hilarious, generous and loving friends here and throughout the U.S. Those of you- you know who you are- that continue to love me unconditionally. But fortutanetly with that unconditional love comes the knowledge that it will always be there for me. Although distance and some time may separate us, there is a constant connection that will be consistently renewed.
I love you all and will be seeing you again in no time!

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sage said...

you'll have to introduce those Brits to Edward Abbey and John Muir (although he was originially scottish). have a wonderful time.