Friday, January 14, 2005

Initial observations in the first 48 hours

  • Not only is the driving confusing, but even crossing the street takes some thought! (Not that I am driving at the moment.)
  • Yes, a mile is like ten here.
  • So far, NO ONE is shy. Especially when they hear your accent and realize your not from the area.
  • The locals who are friendly are also very patient and forgiving.
  • The young are not as pro-social as those in their mid-30's and older.
  • I get excited everytime I hear a child's English accent.
  • Yes, so far the food is bad....I'm trying to give it a shot! I think it will be better when I get more familiar with the area and hopefully more choices.
  • Most people I have encountered are open to helping out as much as they can. In fact, they love to give advice!
  • B&B's continue to be the way to go if you want friendly interaction and help to familiarize.
  • Issues surrounding immigration and race relations seem more apparent here than they did in the States. Perhaps I was desentized to it on the home front...
  • The sun does exist here.
  • You can drive thru one town and be in another in two minutes.
  • A GBP (pound) is smaller than a 50p piece; 20p is smaller than 10p; and then there's the 2GBP coin.
  • As expected, tv news media is much better.
  • There are no free refills.
  • Weather is always the hot topic of conversation.
  • Most locals seem to find it unbelievable I would want to leave Midwestern United States to move to the West Midlands. (ironic the similarity of terms, huh?)

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