Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day!

It is funny how many people over here were aware and mentioned the 4th holiday to me today. I came into the office with a handdrawn flag and a sign saying up with the rebels on my desk from my colleague Alan this morning and numerous people mentioned it to me throughout the day. I never really gave it much thought except for the fact that I should be off work today! Stacy and Brianna decided we should have a BBQ for a little celebration. We invited all the Americans who are here but it ended up just the three of us (and one Brit). We managed to get American as possible with bbq chicken, potatoes, apple pie and of course, Budweiser (which, as an aside, I recently found out the original Bud comes from Chezc Republic and the American co. stole it). It wasn't the most pleasant weather for grilling outside but we managed to talk the sky into giving us enough time to cook the food and have a nice little 4th of July celebration here in England.

Here we have Stacy trying to keep the grill going in the drizzle while I supervise.
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