Sunday, July 03, 2005

And a bit more. . .

The night ended with a great run, beginning with David Beckham (ooh la la) introducing Robbie Williams.

I wish I had a better pic of Robbie. You may not be his number one fan but he is quite the entertainer and I was amazed at how crazy the crowd went over him. By far probably the best response from the crowd.

The Who came on next, introduced by the delightful Peter Kay. I could have listened to them all night!

Then Pink Floyd joined the stage and had a worthwhile reunion!

The finale brought Paul McCartney back on stage.

He was joined, to everyone's surprise (although it was somewhat expected) by George Michael. Eventually all of the musicians came out for the final song. There are a few folks I didn't mention because I wasn't as into it or not a fan (ie, the obnoxious diva Ms. Mariah Carey). We arrived before noon that day and didn't make it back to the hotel until 1 AM. It was well worth it though!
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