Sunday, February 13, 2005

A weekend out two whole nights in a row!

Since my arrival, I have been spending much more time at home than I am used to. I am constantly reminded how much I have taken for granted having so many wonderful friends nearby I can call up to go out for a drink!

Now that I have had a bit more time, though, I have started to build a few friendships with some of my team members. Friday night, I went to Wing Wah, a popular Chinese restaurant with a couple gals from work, Sam and Vicki. Sam is on a different team so I hadn't spent as much time with her before but I may have found a new drinking buddy in her. Vicki is on my team and is a true delight. She one of those people that is just simply liked by all, with a great sense of humor and energy. We had a fun time and ended the night at some pub where there had just been quite a rowl. The victim of the fight continued to drink his pint, blood splattered on his clothes, black eye, bloody nose and all...
Saturday night I went out with Lesley, another co-worker, and her family to a house birthday party for one of their friends. Lesley was the first person on the team I met (she's the Assistant Team Manager) and someone who I quickly felt comfortable with because it seems we have a good deal in common. She also has this peaceful demeanor about her that makes things seem so calm, in a good way. Defintely a good lady to have around when I get flustered as I sometimes tend to do...I had met some of their friends last weekend at a pub and I suppose they thought I was okay because they invited me to join them this weekend for the party. It was a great time with lots of talkative people; it reminded me of a party the Mastrianna's might have-people of all ages, intermingling and having a good time. And, I actually got a little drunk for the first time since I have been in England!

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