Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sometimes the cop is your friend

I had an interesting home visit today with a family who is all to familiar with the social services system. A widowed father of three, raised in the system himself, refused to let me into his home today, I think out of protection for his sons that the same thing might happen to them. It is a pretty scary thing to have a finger (with lit cigarette in hand) pointed in your face and have all the faults of the social service system placed on your shoulders. Fortunately, I had a cop by my side to take over and I went to sit in the car. At the end of it all, the gentleman's body language completely soften from someone who looked like he was ready to attack me to someone who is humbled by his own remorse and he approached me to apologize. I let him know that he was right, sometimes the system is crap, and I am only doing my job the best I know how. I guess there's not always a whole lot of differences in the systems when it comes down to it, is there?

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