Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sometimes you have to move away to appreciate what you have.

I wrote that title on the 19th for a blog entry but just a few days later I do not know what exactly I intended to write. I'm sure it relates to my homesickness that comes and goes. I have reflected so often lately on the amazing people I have in my life and how fortunate I am to know I can call on them if I needed them and they would be there in a second. Aside from the emotional connections I miss, I sometimes miss the simple ease of familiarity. Running down to the grocery to get some sushi from the sushi chef that remembered me everytime, salad from the salad bar and a cheap bottle of white wine....Meeting the usual Saturday night crew at the Monkey's Tail to kick off a night of debauchery...Knowing where to go when I needed something as simple as a hammer, a surge protetor, knowing what brands are best. But it is part of the adventure that I sometimes have to remind myself of.

1 comment:

leslielou said...

your debaucherous crew misses you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you can borrow my surge protector any time!!!!!!

miss you and love you!!!