Thursday, October 13, 2005

A few random pics

Here are a couple pics of the High Street in Sedgley I took to finish off those damn disposables. . .and a random Mini pic.

The high street

"Bull Ring" at the High Street. Brianna and I often go to the Clifton (to the left there- used to be a movie theatre but now converted into a Wetherspoons chain restaurant) to start off our nights out. Very cheap drinks!

A mini Mini- I think at least a few people were asking me about car sizes, so here is about the smallest for ya!
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canada bsw said...

The perfect blog! I am a social work student (canada) and my husband is british, so I naturally wonder what it would be like to work in the u.k. as a social worker. I love your blog and hope you don't mind if I check in frequently.

I wonder if the pay is much better over there and how you are finding the (much smaller than american)housing and weather?

Lisa said...

Thank you!

I would say the pay is pretty comparable in relation to the cost of living. I thought I was getting a lot more, but that was before I full comprehended the exchange rate. I'm one of those social workers with no math skills. :-) The housing isn't too much smaller. I am used to living in older homes where I am originally from. The two bedroom house I live in here is actually more spacious than the two bedroom house I was in in Indiana. Some are definitely smaller, though. My last flat before I moved where I am now had a bathroom you could barely turn around in without bumping into something!
As for the weather I have always preferred it a little cooler, so I like it most of the time. . .But the rain can get to you after awhile in the colder/wetter months.

Thanks again for your comment and for reading! Some of my older posts talk more about the work here, but I am sure I will be posting more of those soon. I have acquired some interesting new cases I am not sure how I will begin to deal with, so stay tuned!

bsw canada said...


Thanks for answering my questions. I read your entire blog in one go instead of doing my sw homework. Oops!

For some reason I am under the impression you have your MSW, which is what I hope to eventually end up with.

Yours is a FABULOUS blog and answers so many questions that I have about working in the UK. I especially love the photos of gorgeous village streets, rambling paths, etc.

Also, I can completely relate to small washing machines, lack of dryers, driving on the "wrong" side of the street, roundabouts (yikes). Keep up the great work!

Max said...

It's not as random as my mini!