Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fall sets in with a bit of nostalgia

Well, they call it Autumn here, but it is still Fall to me. I hit my snooze so many times this morning the alarm went completely off. I woke up to Bri talking through my door, asking if I was going to get up and you know how I can be in the morning. . ."Yeah, yeah, I have a training right near home, I'm sleeping in!" But then I looked at the clock and it was about 8:45! I thought it was about 8AM. As this late morning and early evening darkness sets in, I better get used to it- it's only just beginning. Before I know it, it'll be dark at 4:30p. Fortunately, I showered after the gym last night so I stumbled into the bathroom and refreshed and headed off to learn about "Equality and Diversity." As I was driving to work with my window down, I breathed in the cool crisp air that comes with the early days of Fall and became nostalgic for my Broadripple home. I was remembering leaving my lovely little apartment on the Monon, the courtyard filled with leaves and making a stop at my friendly Starbucks- saying hi to my buddy Pete and getting my coffee before making the short drive to work. I also thought of those lovely evening walks on the Monon, hanging out on Ryan's porch and pulling out the dark beers for the cool weather. . .among other great Fall memories. This afternoon, I took a nice drive and enjoyed the weather that way as I went to check out a restaurant for Christmas dinner. I then headed to Wolverhampton and proceeded to drive in and out of the ring road for an hour- trying to figure out the one ways in order to get to Waterstone's and maybe find and buy Dharma Punx. By the time I made it- Waterstone's was closed. I do not think Noah Levine and I were meant to be! But, I did not let that or the bus that tried to run me over ruin my great Fall mood! Sounds like you Indy folk are enjoying the weather setting in there too from a chat today with Julia. Have a nice evening walk and a stout on the porch for me!

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Emily said...

Aww, Lisa, I wish you were here. We could go for a walk on the Monon after work and pick up some yummy stouts to drink on the porch and in front of the tv for Survivor night. Fall is setting in kind of gloomily here, too. Not ready for the short, short days. Hope you enjoy autumn in England.