Monday, August 14, 2006

M Ward

Last night (new) Tom and I went to see M Ward. Tom had never heard of him before and he thought it was going to be some sort of rapper. I assured him I would never take him to a hip hop show- we just don't have that sort of relationship as far as our musical connection goes. I knew he would like him though and he's one of the only friends I have in England that I can ask to go to see some musician he's never heard of and he'll go no questions asked. I have been a fan of M Ward for awhile and only recently got his last album, Transistor Radio, which was released last year.

He was amazing. We were center, right near the stage and I am now completely infatuated with his music, more than I ever was before. I can't stop listening to the two albums of his I own and cannot wait for his new one to be released in the UK 4 September. His songs lyrically are reasonably straightforward and have the same sort of poignancy of early folk musicians. His voice is beautiful and just raspy enough to make me swoon. And his guitar playing. . . I'm not proficient enough to describe it in technical terms, but it's damn good. I also found M Ward a new fan in Tom and now he is eager to check out his recorded stuff.

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