Sunday, June 25, 2006

"En-ga-land, En-ga-land, En-ga-la-and. . ." Ah, It's good to be home.

I made it back from my trip just in time to get the the pub Sunday for the second round match England vs. Ecuador. I went to the Courthouse in town with Bri and Keeley and we made it just before the crowd started filling in. It was nice to be among the locals again where I live, speak the language (more or less :-) and know the currency. The crowd was lively, with the regular England chants and binge pint drinking. England are looking rough but they managed to pull a win through and have established a spot in the quarter-finals and everyone one celebrated with cheers, chants, hugs and drunken dancing throughout the pub. I may be in London with Matt when the play Portugal on Saturday, but regardless I am sure I will be in the pub once again for all the excitement (and hopefully glory)!


Julia said...

I was in England in 2000 when it was just the Euro tournament, and it was fantastic. Very jealous that you are there for the World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know u were going to London.