Thursday, May 25, 2006

A visit home to Florida

So I just got a comment that I need to put up some new posts from "Anonymous," although I have a few guesses who that person might be. I know, I have slacked this month and I guess being busy isn't an excuse because I should be posting about it. So I'm going to get back up-to-date now before I head to Israel and Paris and have a lot more to post about!

So, as you all know I went home for a bit suddenly because my grandmother passed away. Thanks to all of you who gave your kind words and condolences to me and my family. We were expecting it but it is still never easy and the loss of my Grandma Alena has had me thinking a lot about family, memories of her as a vibrant woman, mother and grandmother and the things that are most important in life. You'd think I would have no pictures from this trip, but after the tears and my grandmother's memorial we were able to enjoy each other's company and have some great laughs, as we always do in our family. First with my dad's side and it was so great to see all my uncles and aunt and grandpa and spend time with them. I also got to catch up a bit with two of my cousins, Kristan and Laura. After we left my Grandpa's I got to spend time with my mom's sisters, my other grandmother, cousins and my gorgeous niece Milena and nephew Gabriyel. I've missed them the most of all (and their brother Alek) because they are growing so fast and I am missing it! I got lots of time with them and in my last weekend was able to see Brian and Monica and Aleksander when they arrived and was fortunate enough to be able to help them move into their new house (oh what joy! :-)

The sunrise Wednesday morning.

And Thursday morning. . . My dad's birthday.

Gabe had his cereal every morning on my lap while we watched the sunrise and I had my coffee and took pictures. We (along with Dad) were always the first two up.

Chia! It's too early for all these pictures.

Gabe gets reacclimated to the ocean on an early morning walk.

We had a very fun birthday party with some great shrimp, crab, all the fixins and typical fun family times. Here's OB with Dad and Milena.

Ended the week in Gainesville where I finally got to see my youngest nephew Alek (here in his new back yard)and spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law while helping them with the chaos of moving into their new home.
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