Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My unrequited concert

I really wanted to see Howling Bells tonight. I first read about them in a music magazine I bought in the airport in Amsterdam- Dazed I think it was called and knew immediately I would like them. I was right when I took a gander at their website. I saw that they were playing at the Little Civic in Wolverhampton, and little that it is, I thought I'd be able to get a ticket that night. My two friends (in this country) that are willing and open-minded about going to see new music, (new) Tom and Bri, were either not up for it on a Tuesday or already going to see another band, respectively. I was happy to go by myself and had checked each day and there were still tickets available up to a couple days before. Surely there would be one ticket for little ol' single me. I got there and of course, there were not. I was so disappointed, I sat somberly with a pint of Guinness and then went home. I could have joined Bri next door at the Civic (Big Civic if you will) but I'm not a fan of Fall Out Boy and didn't feel like pretending to be. Just as well, I need to rest up for nights out with Matthew (who is in town!!) and Old Tom later this week. As my luck would have it, I think they are coming back in August! I will buy my ticket in advance this time. Shame on me for thinking such a good band wouldn't sell out at such a little venue!

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Emily said...

Damn, I must not have Java or whatever I need on my work computer to use their Web site. The background is gorgeous, though, and I love the one song I can hear. Thanks for the ref. Sorry you missed the show. :(