Monday, March 06, 2006

Calla plays for the small crowd

Went to Bar Academy last night to see Calla. They have about four albums out, but I only have and have listened to Televise, which I think was their third. I was impressed, but not entralled. I felt somewhat bad for the guys because it was in the Bar Academy, which is a small venue off the side of the Carling Academy in Birmingham. The stage is almost level with the crowd and I think most of the crowd (of which there was not many) were there to see the opening band because they knew them or they were a band member's grandmother or something. I was more interested in my new found music buddy who came along, ready and willing without knowing what music he was getting into. Think I have finally found a friend in England who will try out new music without being too over critical, but just snobbish enough. We managed to end the night after some bad, cheap lager, likely annoying each other with our favorite music and singing along to them. And yes, I was an hour late to work this morning after staying out late for a show on Sunday. But I have the flexi time. . .

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