Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Social Scene is Broken

But at least I have managed to make a few good friends here and see some good music now and then. It seems my goal is not only taking advantage of traveling opportunities this year but also of good live music. I took Bri along with me last night to see Broken Social Scene, a band from Canada that I have been following for a few years since they released their first album You Forgot in People and they have now released a second, self-titled album. I teased her that it was our Valentine's date since we have both once again found ourselves single in the last month or so (although I refuse to believe in that Hallmark holiday- I secretly wish for admiring cards). What can I say, except best live performance I've seen in sometime. My only disappointment is that I did not get a hug from the primary male singer during his rounds (There's like ten of them in the band and they all do all sorts of stuff, hence the word primary and not lead.). If you have not heard of them- LISTEN! If they come to your town- SEE THEM! If you have any music taste at all- YOU WILL LOVE THEM!


Emily said...

Hey, Lisa! I am enjoying all your music comments. Nicole and I saw Sigur Ros last night. I was skeptical, but their show was all multimedia and multi-sound amazing! Worth checking out when they come to the UK. Miss you!

King Koopa said...

What's goin on, Lisa? Dude, BSS is my favorite "new to me" band. I picked up You Forget It In People last week. Best new stuff I've heard in awhile, I prefer it to their newest one. And, my "new to me" girlfriend got us tickets to see BSS alums Feist and Jason Collett in Chicago a few weeks ago. Damn. She's...she's awesome. So awesome that after the show my "new to me" girlfriend said that she would act as a surrogate mother for Feist's child, if asked.

Also, I second Emily's Sigur Ros recommendation. Barely a coherent word of English uttered the entire night, but I learned that you don't need to if you've got a falsetto like that dude and can play your guitar with a violin bow. Damn. Thing is, they don't even sing in Icelandic, it's some madeup Icelandicesque nonsense. Thank goodness that Icelandicesque nonsense translates across the language barrier.

Julia said...

Hey! How cool is that! An American in England writing about a band that's getting a lot of press over here in Canada!