Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Do your civil duty!

Finally, that glorious day is here. Hopefully, it is glorious because it is our chance to get Bush out of the White House! Also, because frankly I am tired of the commercials, the rhetoric, the media coverage and the term "flip-flopping." I have to be honest, I do not feel 100% competent about my vote for John Kerry, but I do feel 100% confident that I want Bush out of office! I am glad that I will be gone for at least the first two years (if not longer) should Bush get reelected, but still I will be in Blair country, which isn't much better! No need to even look down that road yet...tonight I will join my friends with a cake, Ryan's favorite Dank-os, and some beer and watch the coverage....more than anything it will be a good opportunity to see some of those I do not see on a weekly basis, because with our luck the decision will not be official for some time. I'm off to stand in line for a couple hours! To all legal US voters-get to those polls!!!!!!

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