Friday, November 28, 2008

Perhaps stuffing and casseroles should be made more than twice a year

Happy post Thanksgiving everyone. Luke's parents were here with us for the holidays. It was my first time cooking the meal for family (my only other Thanksgiving hosting experience being when Bri and I were in England for all our Brit friends). I think everyone is in agreement it was a successful holiday. We had a good time with each other's company and all my food was good. Too good, I think. I'm not sure if it is the excess of eating, the wine or coffee, but I am still in recovery from all the tasty treats had yesterday. In my family, dishes like stuffing, broccoli casserole and other dishes drenched in butter, are only served at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Perhaps we need to change that. Maybe if we had more moderate indulgence of these delightful dishes more than twice a year, we wouldn't be so eager to gorge ourselve at the holidays. But, I suppose that is the fun of it- making the feast a rare treat. Plus, with our attempted running regimine, I don't think I could handle eating like that and getting up in the morning to run. I know I won't be running today.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as we did. I missed my family in Florida but had a lot of fun with Luke and my future in-laws here. I'd probably be in even more pain today if I had celebrated with my family!

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