Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting Settled . . .

I've been home for about 10 months now from England. In that time I've already been to Florida four times, Chicago a few times, Memphis twice and had three of my closest friends from England visit me. I've got a new job, new car (newest I've ever had), bought a house and adopted a dog. Does this mean I'm growing up? I'm still not all that good at balancing a checkbook and still stay up to late on school nights (i.e., right now). My parents moved to Florida last month so now I am residing back in Indy but with no family. Well, that is not completely true. I have an "urban family" here, as I like to call them, that I don't know what I would do without. Besides, I've done the living somewhere with knowing no one for up to about three months so I suppose I can handle the fact that I'll just have to visit Florida even more now.

With all the wonderful travels and experiences I have had throughout my life, I've got to consider myself pretty damn lucky. I'm often reminded of that with the families that I work with. Sitting on a front porch with a mom and son this afternoon as they tell me about the guys racing by in their truck and how they'll be shooting guns in the neighborhood after dark. I've got absolutely nothing to be complaining about! I'm feeling happy here- most days. I think the days I don't are just part of the normal evolution in the pursuit of happiness we all go through. . . seeking out whatever goals we may still want for ourselves but always seeming slightly out of reach.

I do miss my UK home and all you folks there. I was hearing a lot that everyone has been asking about this blog and what I have been up to. So here you go. . . . there's multiple pages worth of photos spanning from mid-January up to this past weekend. It's not as ridden with witty dialogue as in the past but I'll work on that. Now that I have spent an exorbitant amount of time getting up-to-date tonight I hope to keep it updated regularly again for ya'll. This evening was kind of nostalgic of sitting at my computer at Gospel End in Sedgley while Bri stood in the kitchen and ate cake out of the pan with a fork. :-) I'm also writing again some essay/short story stuff but more in my head and not so much on paper. I may start putting some of that up if I'm feeling up to it.

Much love to you all! xoxo lis, your favorite American West Midlander-Midwesterner.


Julia said...

Hi Lisa! Glad you returned home and kept on blogging! It went quiet for a while there after crossing the pond!

I found this article about a recent case in Northumberland child protective services and thought it might be close to where you use to work?

Julia said...

sorry, here's the link