Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good news as I prepare to come home!

Those that speak to me often know I've struggled the last three months or so about what the heck I am doing with myself and whether I want to stay in the UK or return home. I am so happy here and in some ways happier than I have been anywhere else, but the bouts of homesickness always make me realize that as strong as my need to branch out is, my need to be close to the most significant people in my life is stronger. It only is resounded by times when I want to speak to my mamasita but can't because it's 3am there.

It's definitely official, there's no changing my mind now and I am coming home. I'm ready to get back and find somewhere I can build some roots for myself, wherever that may be. As excited as I am to come back and see everyone, I am left struggling with the emotions of leaving England and the people I have come to love so much here (and sometimes even the job, believe it or not). It's made me a bit moody of late but now I am to the stage of being intent on ensuring nothing but pure enjoyment for the next six weeks until I go.

And now, I have enjoyed the good news today of changes in our government that may mean positive changes overall for the state of the country. Nancy Pelosi becoming the first woman ever to serve as the speaker of the House of Representatives; Bernie Sanders becoming the first socialist in the US Senate for Vermont; Deval Patrick becoming the second black governor (of Massachusetts) in US History; and Keith Ellison becoming the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives (for Minnesota). The icing on the cake is of course the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld (although I don't know much about this new fella). Now, just two more years of Bush and hopefully U.S. citizens will choose wisely and get someone with a hell of a lot more integrity and honest values in place of the idiot they've allowed to run our country for way too long.


Julia said...

I must say I am sad to hear you are leaving England!

Suffice to say that your blog has proved invaluable in allowing a peek into what a job as a SWer in England might entail. The travelogues were fabulous and I wish you all the best in your return home to the US!

Wah! (selfishly want more England social work tales)

Efrat said...

Hard to believe all this time has passed, and you'll soon be back here with your improved British vocabulary:)

Emily said...

The time has flown, though we've missed you so much in Nap Town.

Some good news of the day....The Patio (known as The Spin for now) is back with Jonee Quest on the sound board! And Locals Only is the best new bar/venue in SoBro with over 50 excellent micros and imports plus a great soundsystem and owners committed to live music.