Saturday, December 10, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree

Brianna and I finally managed to get our tree today. I had been told that real ones were very expensive so we were going to get an artificial, but with a few more conversations found out they weren't bad on price at all. Bri had seen a place off a country road near Stourbridge that had trees so we headed out there. They had all sorts of breeds and I of course had to go for the spruce with the most prickly trunk. The guys working there netted it for us and managed to get it all the way into Rusty. The top of the tree was all the way onto my front dash and served as an entertaining barrier between myself and Bri in the passenger seat, particularly because she has to lean over to my side to open my door for me (the lock is broken on the outside of my driver's side door). We went and got a few decorations and one Christmas CD, came home, made a coffee and Baileys and decorated our tree to the music. It's a lovely little tree and we're both finding the lounge very cozy now with the tree lights, the gas fireplace and a few candles.

Our lovely tree! The width of the bottom just barely fit!

This is the base of our tree. They do have tree stands available, but most just put the tree into these natural wood blocks. I quite like it actually, it makes the tree look much more natural, I think.
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Emily said...

Lovely tree. How do you water it with the wood block thing-y?