Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hot Fun in the Summer Time!

The weather has been kicking up the heat here. I think it's making all of us so used to cold, damp, darkness a little crazy. Nobody wants to be stuck in the office yet all of the kids with behavior problems are kicking off and all their parents want them accommodated. Well, I say Hell No! to that, I'll be in my new back garden sipping wine and "catching the sun" (my newest English phrase to enter my vocabulary). Over the weekend I got moved into my new house with Brianna and I'm already feeling quite settled. I'm now coming to the flat to pick up last bits, gradually get it all cleaned out and check my email until it is transferred to the new house on the 9th. We enjoyed our evenings in this warm weather out at the pub gardens Friday and Saturday night and spent most of Sunday at the Silverdale getting sunburned while Martin BBQed. I headed to the flat in the evening for a few things and on my way the sunny day turned into torrential down pour and then to huge hail. I thought I was being shot at as I drove through the Brierley Hill High Street. Martin later said he has never seen hail like that on such a warm day. We experienced a whole new English weather phenomenon!


This week has been busy, as I said, with all my boys (clients) who misbehave kicking off and their parents seeking to blame anyone but themselves. I have to say I didn't think I would be working with those type of families anymore and I'm feeling a little burnt out on it. But, I still love my fellas! I am just ready for my vacation home! I took Brianna, my new roommate to the airport this morning; she is headed home for a wedding. As much as I hate airports, I wished I was getting on a plane this morning.

But, I have the house to myself this weekend now to blast some music (not that Bri and I don't do that when she is home... we have quite a lot in common actually) and try and get the rest of my stuff settled. Hope you all Stateside enjoy your festering hot weather over the weekend. I can barely take it now if it gets above 25C here, I don't know how I'll handle it when I get home...but I'll manage!


I hope to get pics up of the house before I leave mid-July, but in the meantime I am sure I will be able to post some from Live8 next weekend.

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